I go to UCSD, I like metal, mermaids, and Sushi. Plus if you message me I will actually talk to you! Im a death metal prince by day, and exam cramming zombie by night, but please....feel free to ask me more
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The 29th will mark the one year anniversary of the worst experience I ever had. Funny how fast time passes and how slow it is to get over someone. So much has changed yet so little is actually different. Everyone around me is still high, everything about me is still so low, yet I push trying to be a better person and only see myself getting worse. Meeting people who look like they are special and learning that they just add up to this image. Ever since last year, I have not been the best I could be, and I cannot see myself wanting to. My standards for this world continue to fall lower and lower, and my appreciation of little things goes up. One year year has passed and people still lie to me, people still think I don’t care or know about what is going on, and one year has passed since I have had a relationship. Easter was the last good memory I had with her, and it almost feels as though a milestone has been met. Last year I was having a barbeque surrounded by my family, my friends, and her. This year I spend Easter alone in my college dorm room with no one and nothing to do except homework. I think a new chapter has begun and this time I’m not sure if it is a good chapter or a bad one. All I know is that it is Chapter 20: Something of an End.


At the Gates - Blinded By Fear

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